NiceCalc S60 1st & 2nd 1.0.1

Advanced scientific calculator for S60 phones

NiceCalc was specially designed for mobile handhelds powered by OS SymbianTM. It will help you to turn mobile handheld into a powerful scientific calculator. The main purpose of NiceCalc is to present the most handy interface as well as full number of computing functions.

Main advantage over the rest of S60 calculators is that NiceCalc combines fast "just-one-click" interface with broad set of functions. It was designed as a tool that is convenient for both elementary and scientific calculations.

For demonstration of the NiceCalc's handy interface just examine the following examples:
the expression "sin2(60) + cos2(60)" can be calculated using NiceCalc in 14 keystrokes. Some known and popular S60 3rd party calculator forces you to press 36 buttons to do the same.
One more example: "2 ∙ (–3) + 4". That are 7 clicks on NiceCalc and 16 clicks on the standard (built-in) S60 calculator.

Basic features of NiceCalc include:

  • Easy and quick "just-in-click" interface
  • Support of "simplified" form for binary operations
  • Double-precision of calculations up to 20 digits (Number of decimal symbols depends upon display width)
  • Maximal positive number: 9.(999)…+99
  • Minimal positive number: 1…-99
  • Three modes of angle calculations: degrees, radians, grads
  • Indication of memory cell, current angle unit and function mode
  • Animation of keystrokes (For simplifying navigation)
  • Highlighting current calculation mode (functions/digits)
  • Supporting decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary numeric systems
  • Automatic rounding support

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NiceCalc S60 1st & 2nd 1.0.1